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No credit card. No fees. No worries.

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Receive your online shopping before you pay

Touch and feel your goods before you pay for them - similar to when you buy goods in a physical store. Once you are happy with the goods, you can choose how you wish to pay, up to 16 days later, via credit card, direct debit, bank transfer or cash at the post office.

Select Touch Payments at checkout

Checkout with Touch Payments using your mobile number and basic information.

Online store sends the goods

The merchant is paid when the product is shipped - no matter what.

Receive and try

You get to touch and feel your products before you pay for them in the comfort of your home.

Pay in 16 days

It's free, no hidden fee. You only pay for what you keep, anyway you like.

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A quick and easy way to checkout from any online store

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Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Any personal information submitted to Touch Payments is protected with the same 256-bit encryption used by banks.

Comodo secure SSL

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

Your customers can choose to pay for their goods using bank transfer, BPAY, debit/credit card or even with cash at the post office.

Words from our customers

Anna Forster

28, Head of Operations

I love the flexibility with Touch Payments, I don’t need a credit card when I order online and I get to try my products before I buy them, it’s great!

Monique Sumeghy

26, Marketing Manager

Usually when I want to return a product I have to go through all the hassle of returning the product and waiting for a refund. With Touch Payments it’s so easy! If I don’t like what I ordered I send it back and pay nothing.

Do you manage an online store?

Touch Payments is accepting new merchant partners. We would love to talk to you about how we can help your business grow. Provide your contact details and we will get in touch shortly!

Boost checkout conversion

Consumers' biggest concern when buying online is not being able to see the product before they purchase. Touch Payments mitigates this risk and offers a streamlined purchase experience, a model that has shown a 30% increase in sales overseas.

Increase your average basket size

Touch Payments gives your customers instant purchasing power and the possibility to pay 16 days after shipment. Offering this flexibility to your customers drives larger baskets.

Reduce fraud to zero

When a shopper purchases using Touch Payments, all the risk of the transaction is deferred to us. That means you get paid every time, no questions asked!